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this game is bullshit, you have to go through a tutorial until level 18, and your stats start to go down after level 30 not to mention the romance mini-game is hard as fuck

sadly the PVP is a lie. You get a debuff called jail

it also fails to mention that once you hit level 18 it actually does have a monthly fee and it’s really fucking steep. but at that point everyone’s too invested to quit playing so ugh yeah

I don’t even get to choose anything about the initial details of my character.


Pff the graphics really suck, I needed to get a third party program just to make everything focus.

If the character they give you isn’t the right gender, the patch is expensive as hell and takes forever to install

I thought I was really good at this game, but there are millions of people better at it than I am. ::::/

I died ONCE and they closed my fucking account what the hell

All the travel takes for fucking ever too. They desperately need to patch in some sort of teleport system.

Don’t even get me started on how boring the endgame is. 

everyone in the game keeps arguing over whether or not there’s an admin or not and its really annoying

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